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This Martial Arts class is for those looking to undertake a traditional no frills Martial Art. The Mantis system is famous for its short range aggressive techniques. None of the techniques in the Mantis system have been watered down or adapted for teaching to children or to make them safe for competition.

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Chow Gar Kung Fu is a close in fighting system from the Southern Shaolin. It is famous for its aggression and effectiveness in close in fighting. These skills are developed by utilizing a range of training techniques developed over the years and passed down through authorized teachers of the system. There are a large range of training routines that are used within the system to develop the fighting skills the system is famous for. This martial art is a great system for self defence and personal development. One of the key elements of training in the Mantis style is to learn to generate the Gen or Shock power. One of the first exercises to help in this development is called Chia Sau or Grinding Arm.

As one becomes more experienced the more one begins to be relaxed in the exercises, building power and strength through a relaxed force which otherwise, to a beginner, seems very physical. This is a stage where the power emanates from the joints and bones. The whole of the body is used as a weapon including the use of the fingers, wrist, elbow, claw, phoenix eye fist, knee, shoulder and low line kicking.

Chow Gar Weapons Training

In addition a number of weapons are taught within the system including Pole, Straight Sword, Broadsword, Sai, Tiger Fork and Spear.


There are many famous forms and hidden training drills which make Southern Praying Mantis Kung-fu unique. Novices begin with the basic but also one of the most advanced forms “3 step arrow” or “Saam Bo jin”. They then move onto others 3 step forms including “Yui kui” or “shaking off the bridge”. The advanced forms, of which there are 36 in number include -searching insect hands- “bo sim sau”, 4 gate hands- “Say mun sau”, 9 top asking hands – “Gau si mun sau”.

Dim Mak

Southern Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung-fu exercises its vital pressure point striking within the complexity of its Forms and training Chongs. All Forms and training Chongs contain the appropriate angles and directions in which to strike these vital points. Just like a book that has many chapters, so too does a single Form/Chong contain many sections in it. Each section has its group of vital points, with some techniques using a single strike and other necessitating multiple blows. Certain Chow Gar Praying Mantis forms will highlight particular vital points. There are not any blocks in this system of Kung fu, all contact is aimed at pressure points to either weaken or destroy what is coming in at you.

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